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How Often Should You Change the Water in a Vase?

Nothing brings your house alive like a freshly-cut bouquet of flowers in a nice vase on the coffee table or as the centerpiece of your dining room. The trick is trying to keep the flowers looking beautiful as the days go by. Knowing when to change the water in a vase is a vital aspect of keeping your flowers looking fresh. There are a number of tips that help your flowers look like they are freshly cut from the garden, despite gracing your coffee table for a week.

Changing the water in your flower vase

First off, you should check the water in your vase daily to make sure there is no debris in the water. How often you change the water in your vase depends on the source of your flowers. If they were store bought, replace the water with fresh water every three days. Fresh cut flowers from the garden require fresher water, so replace fresh cut flower water every two days. Changing the water regularly ensures the health of the flowers, as bacteria from stale water clogs up the stems. When you clean out your vase water, make sure the vase is cleaned before refilling it with fresh room-temperature water. Do not merely add water to the vase. Change out the water completely to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants that shorten the life of your flowers. It is best if the water is kept at a high level in the vase as well.

Other tips to keep your flowers fresh

To lengthen the life of your flowers, you should also cut the stems at an angle when you replace the water in your vase. Adding flower food to your water helps to extend the flowers' lifespan. Finally, keep your flowers in a cool place so they do not dehydrate - generally below 72 degrees.

Changing the water in a vase is the most vital step in keeping long-lasting flowers. Keeping clean water reduces bacteria that clogs the stems of your flowers and shorten their lifespan.